Millets Farm Visit

Millets Farm Visit

We were lucky enough to be invited to test run Millets Farm’s Maze! So last Saturday we visited the best farm I’ve ever been in this country. We were greeted by Helen and Hallane in a blogger’s gazebo, (we were super late as I made a silly mistake and we ended up being miles away from where we need to be and nearly gate crashed someone’s house party… but that’s another story)

It was a lovely drive through the lovely Cotswold on the way. It was cloudy and a bit miserable and when we got there it started drizzling. I thought “Ah.. typical, first we went to the wrong place, then comes the rain… might as well go home now…” But then we were greeted by the lovely Hallane and Helen, who showed us all the amazing maize mazes! There are 3 in total, the biggest one will take you an hour! I’m always so fearful of going into a maze (in case I can’t get out and will have to die in there… lol) So we decided to go into the small one first. It took us about 10 minutes and I was like Yeah! Let’s do more!!

So we went into the second one, which is my absolute favourite. There are 5 different colour fairies to find, and you have to paint one of your fingers on one hand in one colour, so in the end you’ll have different colours on your fingers and there’s a little fortune chart at the exit, where you can find out about your fortune! I love it 🙂 And Ash loved painting his fingers too!

I was a bit anxious about going into the big one… but feeling a bit better being equipped with a big flag. Haha.. again, in case I will never come out. This one’s theme is the madhatter’s tea party, where there are 10 stamping stations in the maze, and you have to find them out and stamp on your game card. I have to say I didn’t expect Ashleigh to enjoy it so much. He loved to find the stamping stations, and everytime he sees one he’d shout “Here! Here!” And then of course he enjoys stamping on the card. There are also slides, big viewing platforms in the maze, so the kids don’t get bored walking round the maze. We found our way out before finding all the stamps, but we decided that was enough for a 2.5 years old, plus it’s lunch time!!!

Hallane and Helen laid out our very, very nice lunch with lots of sandwiches, salad, apple juice, quiche, cakes… all made in the farm! It was very yummy and we were all holding our bellies on the way out…

After lunch we decided to burn off some fat, and James spotted the cart ride, which as you can see… they wouldn’t come off it! After a long persuading (dragging), Ash (and James) came off it and we continued to explore the area. It has a very friendly atmosphere through out!

Then we went off to PYO! I have to say I wasn’t expecting that scale… They have strawberries, raspberries, plums, cherries, apples, veg like courgettes… the list goes on. We were given 2 vouchers for strawberries so we picked up our punnets and marched on! However… when we got there it was all a bit disappointing, the strawberries are all very small and we could hardly find any ripe ones. Ash loved it all the same, but really we struggled to collect 2 punnets of good ripe strawberries. I assume that’s because strawberries are just going off their best times now, and that other produce might be of a better quality.

After that we went to the farm shop and browsed, I just couldn’t help myself but bought a bottle of their apple juice. It was soooo nice! And then we went to the zoo, saw some animals and let Ash had a bash about in the playground before we head home.

All in all it was a fantastic day out, and I’m truly amazed at how well the mazes were planned out, there’s something for all age groups, however the strawberry picking turned out to be a bit of a let down. Apart from that, everything was beyond expectation and if you haven’t been there, please, go!!

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