Jam tarts by a 3 year-old

Jam tarts by a 3 year-old

After the Jubilee bank holiday we’re all feeling a bit worse for wear… James acquired a bad back (from doing what I do not know!), I’m more tired than ever, and Ashleigh had been going to bed late every single night. So on a whim we bought a new mattress, hoping this should cure James’s back and my tiredness. (Wishful thinking, I know) And that means I have to stay in today to wait for our saviour, the new individual pocket-springs mattress. I dare not to go to the toilet or in the garden in case I miss the knock on the door! So that can only mean one thing… baking! With Ashleigh!!

This is perfect for a rainy day in with your kid.


Here’s how to do it:

Get your toddler to chop up some strawberries into tiny pieces.

Do the sprinkle sprinkle magic with some flour (or snow spell, whatever you/your little one likes to call it)

Get a pack of short crust pastry. I have some homemade one in the fridge so it’s http://healthsavy.com/product/lipitor/ easy. If rolling pastry is not your thing, get your toddler to do it for you too 🙂

Using a round cutter and a star (or any other shapes) cutter, cut out your jam tart cases and decorations to go on top.

Now, place the rounds into a lightly oiled bun tin. Then the trickiest part is to get your little darling to fill the cases with jam and a bit of chopped strawberries, without them eating most of it in the process. Then top with a star.
Brush with beaten egg (or ask your toddler to do it)

Put them into a preheated oven (180’C, fan 160’C, gas mark 4) and cook for 15 mins or until golden.

Half of them were eaten after the picture was taken… this is so easy to make and tastes sooo much better than anything you can buy in the shops. Your kids will enjoy their own creation too! Look at Ashleigh’s super grin! 🙂

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