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I’m from Hong Kong, now living in Northampton, UK with my lovely little princes Ashleigh and Ellison and my dear husband James.

I started this blog to mainly document my favourite recipes. It sort of grew from there and I now write regularly for Herald and Post and I host a range of cookery workshops in my own home. It is very satisfying to share with others the joy of creating something delicious from scratch, at the same time meet up with people and have a good time socialising.

Apart from cooking, I crochet, garden and do all other things girly. I am a very girly girl I suppose. However being an IT person I do love my nerdy side of affairs! I also love old computer games, facts, science stuff and finding out odd things…

OK that’s enough about me now, I’m sure the best way to know about me (well… if you want to) is to read this blog. And please, I love a good encouraging comment, so do leave your mark if you are passing! Ta-da now. x

7 thoughts on “About me”

  • Hello Annie,

    Just stumbled upon your blog through UKFBA, I also used to live in Hong Kong and now living in Lancashire. Funny enough, I also did computer science in uni, but I didn’t continue with it like you did hehe.

    Lovely blog, following you on twitter now 🙂

    Angela x

  • Hello annie, was so impressed, i have shown this to both judy and sue at work. hope to find time to try to do some recipes


  • G’day Annie
    I love Hong Kong water chestnut cake and I just made (now steaming)my 1st cake using your recipe!!

    really appreciate your kindness to share, your recipe is easy to follow – with exact quantity of each ingredients and clear cooking instruction…will let you know how my cake turned out…I just tried the cake before steaming and the sweetness was just right for me, I believe it will turn out to be an excellent texture too.
    BTW I live in Melbourne, I used frozen water chestnut, still crunchy after cooking.

    • Thanks Angie! Water chestnut cake is one of my homesick food. It takes me right back to Hong Kong! Let me know how you get on, glad you enjoy it! x

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