Jubilee Baking (and Iron Cupcake Royal Icing!!)

Jubilee Baking (and Iron Cupcake Royal Icing!!)

Ok, I lied, I didn’t actually do any baking. The cupcake itself was kindly given to me by the lovely Ashleigh’s childminder Jeanette, all we had to do was to decorate it. And it is for his nursery’s Jubilee celebration tomorrow. For some reasons most of the nursery activities are held on my work days, so it’s a shame I don’t get to go to these things and talk to other parents.

And actually… I didn’t do the decorating either! As I was ironing, I asked the artist of the household – James to do it. We had some leftover icing, edible glitter and sugar baubles and James wanted to do a Union Jack and me a crown. So we combined the two and ta-da! http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/womans-health/ There it is! Hopefully we’ll win a prize from the nursery, hehe.

And if this puts you in a competitive mood (and if you also happen to live in Northamptonshire), check this out. It’s Iron Cupcake Northampton! It’s badass! It’s a picture (or sculture if you’re talented) on a cupcake! I’m so looking forward to the Jubilee weekend, because there will be a big lovely vintage picnic at Delapre Abbey, it’s gonna be looooovely, and if I’m not feeling so lazy (got 2 parties to go to on Saturday apparently…) I’ll even make a batch and join the cupcake action!! If you’re interested to take part, contact Tamsyn!

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  • I am looking forward to the picnic too! I don’t know if I’ll be bringing anything particularly fancy… some cucumber sandwiches maybe. Oh, and if I can manage, Pimms and Lemonade. I was thinking of maybe doing individual fruit jellies too, but we will have to cycle there, so they may not be safe!

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