Foodie with a busy life? Get Prepped!

Foodie with a busy life? Get Prepped!

The lovely Prepped! by Vanessa Kimbell has arrived on my doorstep this morning (ok that was a month ago when I wrote this)! This is the book I should’ve bought at least a month ago, considering the author Vanessa herself, was kind enough to invite me to the book launch!
Anyway, now I’m back from my holiday, it’s time to dive straight back into cooking!

The book itself
The book is of a very striking pink, I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything in this colour! But, strangely it pulls together all the amazing pictures very well and is not damaging to the eyes. One small thing though, is that I wish I bought the book at the book launch (I didn’t have any cash on me that day), my copy from Amazon is a little bit flawed because a few pages were stuck together due to the not-so-perfect paper cutting… but the content is too interesting and I don’t want to part with it by sending it back!

The Author
A lot of people would’ve dreamt of quitting their mundune day job and start something new (including myself). But few have actually done it. Vanessa Kimbell gave herself 12 months to write a cookbook. And she’s done it brilliantly. I only spoke to her a few times over twitter, and met her in person at the book launch. However, she has a very pleasant and friendly aura that draws people in. Check out her blog, documenting the journey she took as a food writer.

The Concept
The book evolves around flavours, instead of normal cookbooks which gives you chapters of poultry/seafood/veg, Prepped! gives you chapters of different flavours such as lavendar, vanilla, chocolate, caraway, etc. And recipes are linked so once you made your lemon syrup, you can save it and go on to make a lemonade, a lemon cake, lemony cocktail… Savoury, sweet, drink, dinner. Half the effect, twice the indulgence.


The Recipes
So I have tried the lemony roast chicken, I made in for my Sunday dinner and served with the lemon and caraway mash pototoes. The lemon roast chicken is very, very easy to make and it tasted divine. Stuffing lemon zest under the breast skin is a brilliant idea, as it stops the breasts drying out and adds flavour to the meat. Then next day, I used the mash potatoes and roast chicken leftover to make lemony chicken & potato pasties. They are really, really lovely! And the most lovely thing is, even James can do it! Haha.

The Verdict
This cookbook certainly a very good buy and I really enjoy reading it. I have bought loads of lemons and gathered some lavendar, so lemon syrup and lavendar sugar will soon appear in my larder!! Ready to be made into many other delicious things.

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