Hotel Chocolat New Range Review

Hotel Chocolat New Range Review

Hotel Chocolat! Ever since someone bought me a big slab of chocolate for Christmas one year, I’ve been hooked on their scrumptious chocolate. And as chance will have it, I was sent a very pretty chocolate ballerina to review.

The Packaging
The chocolate ballerina comes in a pink and black box, which I think got a little bit squashed coming through my letterbox, only round the edges though so it’s fine. It is catching to the eyes and I have to say it doesn’t look like an ordinary Hotel Chocolat product. I expected the package to be a bit darker for some reasons.

The Chocolate
The product itself is in the shape of a ballerina doing a twirl with her arms above her head, it’s a very elegant shape and it’s like a little chocolate sculpture! I think it’s well made with very nice details such as the long wavy hair and a graceful smile on her face. However, it is cracked across the left bottom corner, the ballerina is intact but it is a little disappointing that it didn’t survive the drop from the letterbox to the floor. Also her face is somewhat flattened a little bit. Oh poor ballerina…

The Taste
I tried this after we had dinner and I was pretty full. But the moment you put it in your mouth you know it’s not Cadbury. Nor Thorntons. It is something better than that. My past experience with Hotel Chocolat are all with the darker varieties. I don’t think I ever went into Hotel Chocolat and bought a bar of milk chocolate. But this milk chocolate tastes richer than your ordinary Thorntons. It’s sweet, but you can clearly taste the cocoa flavour instead of just one lump of sugar with a hint of cocoa. It truly is lovely.

The Verdict
I was told that this is Hotel Chocolat’s latest range of birthday chocolate, which I have to say I had no idea it had anything to do with birthday at all! I assume maybe little girl’s birthdays? The chocolate itself clearly is of high quality and fully live up to Hotel Chocolat’s name. We just opened a box of Milk Tray from Christmas (I know…), and it is really no comparison. So if this is their birthday range, then please, instead buying a box of Thorntons, this is clearly a much better alternative because the taste is so much better. (And you might well need this alternative as Thorntons is closing down a lot of their stores across the country…)

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