Lyons Seafood New Range Launch review

Lyons Seafood New Range Launch review

Last Thursday me and Donna went to a PR event in London, for the launch of Lyons Seafood’s New Range. I’m not sure if it is my fuzzy memory playing tricks on me, but I don’t seem to recall the actual name of the range? Or maybe there isn’t one. It’s only been a week and my head is already full of wool.

Look at the food!

Before I tell you about the actual event, I can tell you the post-event story… We had seafood dinner for 4 whole days because we were kindly sent home a pack of each variety. So plus the actual event night, I had Lyons Seafood for 5 nights in a row!!! And at the end of it I’m glad it’s over, partly because I’m missing meat (caaaarnivoooore), partly because I missed cooking. The packs didn’t lie when they say it takes less than 6 minutes to cook, some takes about 5! (Yes 1 minute makes a big difference when you’re only talking about 6 minutes!)

Back to the event. The venue was really lovely. I mean really, really lovely. When it’s not hosting swanky PR event, it’s a place for photoshoots to take place. When we got there, we were greeted by the lovely ladies from Cirkle, then offered a cocktail with the help of an equally lovely bartender. We then get to learn more about Lyons and we were presented with the full range of new products, which we all chose one to be our dinners. I chose Laksa and it was served with sticky rice. I think I’d have loved it more if it was served with rice noodle. But it was a nice alternative. Food stylist Natalie prettied up our plates before we move on to our nicely laid out dinner table. I wish it was like this at home!

The table layout was perfect

Our favourite is the Laksa, it’s not spicy as normal Laksa, but I suppose it’s gotta be suited for the general public. It’s got all the lovely flavours, just with the heat toned down. Of course, you could throw in extra chillies if you want! Our least favourite is, as I thought it would be, the sweet and sour one. To be honest, I don’t think I came across anything tagged “sweet and sour” in this country and thought ooh that’s nice. It’s very hard to do it well! And it’s all too watery for my liking. That’s another thing. Sweet and sour is supposed to be a thick sauce clinged on to your stir fry, but the british seems to like to drown their food in sauce… so the sweet and sour becames a glutenous glup.

All in all, if I have to buy prepared meal, I think this is up there with M&S cook at home range. 🙂

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