Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection

Christmas is coming, and it’s almost impossible to not notice if you go to any main supermarkets to do your shopping. Celebrations, Heroes, Roses… are all conveniently presenting themselves on the “seasonal” shelf. It’s time to put an end to it! I’m forever haunted by the thought of having a tin of those in the house. Now not saying I don’t enjoy them, but they are too sweet for my liking…

Hotel Chocolat has kindly sent us a box of their christmas range chocolate to review. I’ve chosen The Sleekster Classic Christmas Luxe Selection:

I have to say it was pretty impressive, with 16 different flavours in each box, and a very helpful “Tipple Guide” on the leaflet (there are 3 levels of alcohol content – “No alcohol in recipe”, “Just a little to preserve & soften” and “A generous dash”) 11 of the flavours are non-alcoholic, with which 2 of them (Sea Salt & Caramel Bauble) and (40% Milk Christmas Tree) are just a lump of plain chocolate to me. But that’s ok, as Ashleigh can get a share from this supposed to be “adult chocolate”.

I’ve chosen a few of my favourite ones to share with you here:

Mulled Wine
“The traditional winter spice flavours of cinnamon, clove and bitter orange, with a generous splash of warming ruby red port.”
They are not lying when they say “a generous splash”! I was having a cup of tea when I had this, I think somehow the steam from my hot tea has sort of combined with the alcohol and it’s gone straight in my throat!! It might have to come with a choking hazard sign, but if you don’t try to drink hot beverage at the same time, this is the perfect christmas chocolate to me. Cinnamon and clove are dominant, and I don’t think I noticed any orange, which I think it’d be nice with maybe a tiny bit of orange zest in there.

Gingerbread Truffle
“A velvety smooth Christmassy ganache brimming with warming gingerbread flavours of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.”
Ok you might start to see a pattern here… the ones I like have all got cinnamon in it! I am a big cinnamon fan and maybe that’s why I love Christmas so much, because I can put cinnamon in literally EVERYTHING and no one would bat an eyelid. Cinnamon on toast? Bring it on! Anyway, this truffle has a dark chocolate shell with soft truffle centre, and it tastes exactly like a gingerbread. It is heaven.

Ginger Cheesecake
“The firm textures and sour cream notes of cheesecake on top of a layer of spicy ginger.”
Is there another pattern emerging? This time ginger? I think yes… I’m so predictable… This tastes similar from the one I mentioned above, the difference is that it has a cheesecake flavour to it, and what’s not to like about that?

Rum Truffle
“Lashings of premium golden rum from Saint Lucia in a milk chocolate truffle.”
This is not one of my favourites, but it definitely is James’s. Mainly because it is very alcoholic. Since I don’t drink, this almost has a burn-your-tongue flavour (I’m not sure if I can call that flavour, or is it just a sensation). But I think if you like a tipple you’d definitely like this.

Of course the usual trendy salty chocolate, chilli chocolate are in there too, but I’m a traditional chocolate eater, I like my chocolate not to taste like a well seasoned dessert…

All in all, I think this is the best christmas chocolate I’ve ever tasted. At £30 a pop I’d expect it to be. It’s not for normal household consumption I’m sure (not in this household anyway), but if you want to wow someone this is a very good choice. Thank you Hotel Chocolat!

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