Market Day

Market Day

Just had my haircut in town today. Thursday in the town square is good. It’s farmer’s Market! However Northampton is a bit behind on that front. It’s lacking those cheese stalls and specialists sausage stalls, etc.

Anyway, I managed to get some Sharon fruit, some ripe mangoes, and a bunch of whole spinach!


It’s a shame that they throw away the stalks in supermarkets. When i buy a bag of spinach I always think, where’s the rest of it?? Mum used to do a spinach and liver soup, which is very yummy and nutritious but you have to include the stalks as they have so much flavour. So I’m happy to see that today!

Then I went to the Thai grocery shop and spotted angled gourd!!!! This is my absolute favourite!!!! Mum’s best beef and angled gourd stir fry rules.. And now I have the opportunity to recreate this! Not feeling pressured at all…


So long for now, I’ll keep you posted about those angled gourds and tonight we’re trying out Bipin’s curry paste. Bipin from Bipin’s Masala kindly offered us some curry paste to try and I’m really looking forward to it, I’m going to use chicken and my whole spinach, it’s going to be yum! Check out the review post soon. Ta-da!

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