Mystery Item – Sharon Fruit

Mystery Item – Sharon Fruit

I feel a bit strange writing a post about a fruit, but I also feel that I need to stand up and say a few things about this fruit. Basically there are some ingredients that always make the cashier/fellow shoppers look when I pick them up. Either they are using it as chat up lines (ha… not now I’m always hip-joined with a 3 years old!), or these ingredients are so mysterious that people would pluck up their courage to ask a stranger! These secret ingredients are: sharon fruit, dragon fruit, miso, mirin, etc. Oh and the difference between light soy sauce and dark soy sauce is a common question too.

My quick answer to these questions are… no, you don’t cook with sharon fruit or dragon fruit (although you can, in some rare recipes, but they’re much better eaten as a fruit.) Miso and Mirin is not the same thing, mirin is the Japanese sweet cooking vinegar, miso is a paste made by fermented soy beans and rice. Difference between the two soy sauces is that dark soy sauce is sweeter and light soy sauce is saltier, you cannot replace one with another because they are essentially difference things.

Right… back to this picture:

This is a close relative to the fruit that I absolutely love, Fuyu, I believe it’s in the same persimmon family. Fuyu has a thinner skin and very juicy flesh. Sharon fruit (available from Sainsbury’s) on the other hand, has thicker skin and a chalky taste when it’s not ripe… to be honest if I had a choice I will always buy fuyu. When it’s ripened it’s just as nice really, and if you haven’t tried it before, be brave and give it a go next time! 🙂 (and ignore what it says on the package… “eat like apple”??? I mean… what the heck… it’s totally different!!)

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