A day of nom noms

Today me and J had a day off to ourselves, leaving little Ash to nett nett and going on a very tasty journey! The Good Food Show in NEC Birmingham! It’s almost a last minute thing as I spotted half price tickets on their website one weekend…

We got there quite early, it was cold so we took the lazy option… shuttle bus! I know I know… going to a food show and not even wanting to walk a short distance… well c’est moi!

And the venue was huuuuge! There’s cheese competition which gave off a very pungeunt smell….

J and I chilling…

And we spotting a guy and his big choppers.. lol

All in all it was a good http://healthsavy.com/product/provigil/ day, we sampled lots of food (mainly cheese and wine), and we brought home lots of yummy stuff!

They are a set of Le Creuset bakeware (free from subscription of the GoodFood Mag), chocolate wine (Yes!), Goat cheese, puddings, 100% pure maple syrup, yakult (free), cakes, chocolate drink and some healthy snack bars. Oh and our dinner tonight! Pheasant with stuffing wrapped with bacon, it’s the first time I had pheasant and it’s very nice! Earthy flavour. Ashleigh had some for dinner too!

After a busy day eating, now chilling with a cup of tea and watching J playing Final Fantasy on his new toy PS3… arrgh life is good 🙂

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