Chocolate by Cocoa Boutique

Chocolate by Cocoa Boutique

Lately I seem to have become quite a chocolate connoisseur, with going to Museu de la Xocolata in Barcelona, and having tasted some very nice hand crafted chocolate. I’m lucky enough to receive a gorgeous looking box of chocolate by Cocoa Boutique last week. Cocoa Boutique is a luxury chocolate tasting club, the idea is that you get sent a box of divine chocolate every month, made fresh by master chocolatiers such as Barry Colenso, Pierre Ledent, Claire Hicklin and more.

The chocolate arrived promptly (2 days after a phonecall) and the box fitted through our letter box perfectly. I heard it make the landing and Ashleigh rushed to the door to get it. We opened the box and I was plesantly presented with a very nice looking box:

And inside looks like this, all neatly sitting in their own little compartments. No flipping over or splattered chocolate:

I think I can give the presentation 10 out of 10. The packaging is made of a very sturdy thick card box, and the design is clean and classy. The chocolates are arranged in a nice way with the more visually stunning designs in the centre, so you can’t miss them! The “menu” of the chocolates gave details of the alcohol content, who made it and a brief description of each variety. You’ll have some reading to do before choosing your first one to taste!

Taste-wise, I think it is definitely up there with some of the best chocolates I had in Belgium, but above all I find the variety of the box most inviting. In the Ko household, we have a dark chocolate monster (moi), a milk/white chocolate monster (Ash) and a I-love-booze monster (you know who). And this selection box has something for everybody. And thanks to the menu, nobody had any surprises and we all know what we’re getting.

I think the idea of a chocolate tasting club is fantastic, and it will certainly open up your palate as there are at least 2 of each kind in the box. So it really is a box to share. (Of course… if you’re greedy… you can have a box to yourself)

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s serious about their chocolate.

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