Chocolate by Genevie

Chocolate by Genevie

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I like chocolate… and I’m always on the lookout for new chocolate producers. A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Genevie contacted me and told us about her new family business, Chocolate by Genevie. And I was sent a box of her gold box chocolate, which you can see from this link.

The delivery was very quick, and I was surprised that I didn’t have to go to the post office to pick it up, the box fitted through my letter box and I found myself coming home to a lovely handcrafted box (buried under our letters). I have to say my instant thought was… oh no I hope the chocolates inside are not broken! It looks perfect on the outside, the ribbons are tied tightly against the box, a beautiful butterfly on the box. And when I opened the box I think my main surprise was… wow they’re intact!!! All the chocolates are facing up, even the round ones are exactly where they should be and facing the right way. I can only guess there were a lot of careful packing involved.

There are a total of 16 chocolates and most flavours has 2 each. So one for me, one for James and the odd ones can be Ashleigh’s. My personal favourite is a dark truffle with dark chocolate ganache filling. I think James’s favourite is the one with a little orange sweet on top (Dark chocolate orange praline). I also enjoyed the filling of white chocolate cream pistachio, only I wish it was surrounded by dark chocolate! It had a smooth and fine grain of pistachio inside and it brings out the lovely nutty feeling on your tongue. You can see the whole range here.

All in all, I’m very impressed by both the quality of the chocolate and the packaging. And this is what Genevie wants to tell us:
“I live in Edinburgh and have just opened an online chocolate shop this month. All of the chocs are handmade using the best ingredients I can find. All of the boxes are also hand finished with silk and ribbon – no two boxes of chocolates are quite the same!
Chocolate making started off as a hobby but as more requests for chocs increased I thought I would open an online shop.
My Partner Kevin, my Mum and 1 year old son Luke help me make the chocolate. Mum does the ribbons, Kevin made the website and updates this and little Luke likes to taste the chocolate! It’s a very small family venture.
My plan is to offer handmade gift chocolates that are yummy and personal – I want to give something different to the other bigger corporate brands that are currently out there.”

One minor point is that I wish there is a little booklet telling me what the flavours are, only because I like to pick one out instead of randomly choosing one! I know the one with coffee bean on it will be coffee and the one with a nut on it will be nutty, but the ones with vanilla cream / caramel… they all came as a surprises! 😀

Overal this is a really really nice alternative for corporate branded chocolate. It’s handmade, by love, by someone you can talk to and get a reply from. So please support an independent chocolatier today and help spread the word!

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