Great British Bake Off – Bagels

Great British Bake Off – Bagels

After olympics, I think a lot of us are feeling lost. The drama, the tears, the competition, the proud moments of qualifying/winning… I find it almost impossible to go back to normal night time TV programmes. BUT, after watching last week’s GBBO, I think all the qualities mentioned above can be found in this baking extravaganza.

So, failing to take part in the Olympics, I think I can (try to) do a bake-along with GBBO this year. From the preview for episode 2, I think they’ll be doing Bagels so I gave it a go, since I never tried making my own bagels.

Paul Hollywood might frown upon these…

The result, I have to say, is not bad at all! I was expecting it to be really hard and dry, but to my surprise they are exactly like what you’d expect from a shop-bought bagel. Slightly chewy and quite soft on the inside. I started making them at 8 at night (they came out the oven at 11! I know… I’m mad), so I didn’t bother taking step by step pictures.

The recipe I used was found here. I’m sure I have bagels recipes lurking in my collection of cookbooks somewhere, but I’m finding it increasing easy to find any recipes online, with the pros of reading the reviews first!

What I love about these bagels is the fact that they freeze really well. I froze half of them and just reheated 2 for lunch today, and they are as good as fresh! The sesame seeds on top has a slightly toasted taste due to the oil being heated up, it was sooo nice! I think next time I’ll try to make my favourite raisins and cinnamon bagels!

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  • Your bagels actually look like bagels. The British Baking Show’s “bagels” were an absolutely disgusting travesty. Even the hosts who are supposedly professional bakers had no idea what they were doing. Chocolate bagels?! Blech!!!! That’s right on a level with chocolate covered bacon. Maybe they planned to serve the chocolate bagels with the traditional cream cheese & lox?!!! Double Blech!!!!!!!

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