A big WELCOME to our 2 chickens :-)

On 31 May 2010, we welcomed 2 new family members, Henrietta and Coco, a 23 weeks old laying hen and a 16 weeks soon-to-be laying hen. We bought a coop a week ago and James built it. I then painted it a lovely duck egg blue! I have to say though… I haven’t been letting them out as much as I’d love to, because one of them is such a flyer! I have to fly proof my garden before I can let them roam free without worrying about http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/arthritis/ losing them. As Ben (our beardy chicken friend who lives down the road from us) already lost one of his on the first day! But really, he didn’t lose her, she was just hiding apparently.

To my amusement, Henrietta gave us a MASSIVE egg yesterday, weighing 93g! According to this article, that’s bigger than a XL egg!

And today, she promptly gave me another egg! This time weighing 60g, a Medium egg. I’m hoping it’s not because she’s becoming less happy…

Oh I love them already!

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