First Wonton Gathering

First Wonton Gathering

So last Thursday I had my first ever wonton making workshop in my house, with 4 lovely people – Julia, Chris, Marie and Sara. I have to say I was quite chilled about the whole thing, until about 8 hours before the actual happening. I started frantically cleaning (or trying to) the house, checking (and double checking) that I have enough ingredients, going over the recipe in my head (which is weird because I never measure when I cook Chinese).

Wonton Making Workshop
My good students and I 🙂

The workshop starts at 8 and we normally put Ashleigh to bed at 7:30 or 7:45 ish, so I’ve left myself a whole 15 minutes to calm down and get things done! At about 7:30 when I was still reading a story to Ash, I thought it’s all going to go wrong and that I’ll still be kissing him goodnight when my guests arrive. But I needn’t have worried because he went to bed like a golden boy!

After that it was the 5 minutes panic of the parking situation outside our house. Now… I don’t live in a spacious country house that can hold 4 cars on their drive. I don’t even live in a semi that allows 2 cars on the drive. I live in a mid-terrace house conveniently located just 3 minutes away from the home of The Saints – Northampton’s Rugby ground. Also close to Bingo and local takeaways. So that means parking spaces are few and far between. I didn’t have to wait long to prove myself right, as Chris and Julia arrived I gave them our only guest permit (yes, each house can ONLY have one permit, so I guess the council doesn’t really want us to have friends…), and then when Marie arrives, she said Sara’s driving round trying to find a parking space. To be honest at that point I was feeling a bit guilty, having forgotten the fact that we live in such a busy street and not forewarning our guests.

Anyway, James was being a total gem and made teas before making himself scarce (he’s just upstair watching some silly things on his iPad, like he would downstairs most nights 😛 ). The workshop flew by and went smoothly, with a constant exchange of laughters and knowledge (at least that’s how it was in my head, I hope others will concur).

After our guests’ departures, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that made me feel I really did the right thing. Too many times I have an idea in my head and I never went ahead, and too many nights I sit down and thought I could be doing something different. Well, now I can say I gave it a try and I will definitely continue and expand. Watch this space!

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