Sweet Junkie – Old fashioned Sweets Review

Sweet Junkie – Old fashioned Sweets Review

Many thanks to Sweet Junkie, for sending me a collection of samples of their fine, handmade, old fashioned sweets. When I say old fashioned, I am only repeating what James had told me, since I grew up in a completely different side of the world. But they have such a lovely retro look, and when I look closely I do think I had tasted them as a kid. Just not the aniseed ones. That got me thinking… do aniseed sweets exists in Hong Kong??

I have 5 types of sweets…

Sugar Free Little Bears
These are my absolute favourite, you wouldn’t believe how fast they disappeared. And they are one of a few that I recognise from my childhood. And I still don’t understand how can it be sugar free? It’s so nice! They are very fruity and have a lovely gummy texture. My favourite one remains to be the red little bear!

Sugar Free Lime Lemon & Acid Drops

Now these are my second favourite. The name cannot describe it any better. It is lemony, limy and acidy! Well acidy as in having a nice tang to it. This is the proper hard citrus sweet. It reminds me of this, a lemon flavoured glucose sweet I used to have when I was a kid. I suppose sweets are similar all over the world! But these sweet drops are nicer than my childhood sweets for sure!

Lun Jeelers

Now… I have http://healthsavy.com/product/cipro/ never heard of lun jeelers before, but with a quick google, apparently they used to be called Lung Healers and because they don’t actually do that so they have to be renamed. Also they are originated from Yorkshire and is a very good winter warmer. I can see where the name comes from, I put it in my mouth and instantly I have a warm feeling! But it has also got a very strong aniseedy taste, which I am not too keen on. However, the minty and fruity taste I liked very much. It is definitely good in winter!

Sugar Free Mint & Aniseed Sweets

Hmm… as I said, I’m not a fan of aniseed so you can guess that this is not one of my favourite… I suppose if I liked aniseed I should very much like it because it is very aniseedy. Apart from that, I did pick up a very distinct mint flavour, which is nice because I like mint!

Sugar Free Aniseed Twist

Ok as you all guessed! Since this is a aniseed one I didn’t like it! This is the most aniseedy thing I’ve ever put in my mouth… haha for review purposes! But, if you like aniseed, again I’m sure it will be a delight for you!

All in all, I loved all the sweets without aniseed, and knowing they are sugar free and handmade just made it better. Please, try their gummy bears!!!!

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  • If youve always longed for those bagfuls of memorable sweets you used to equate happiness with as a child youll be thrilled to know that theyre so back! You may have changed a lot from the time they first landed on your tongue but these sugar- free varieties still come with the same oomph! These are very close versions of the traditional favorite and they wont stop short of giving you the same satisfaction.

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