More stir fry and Steamed Chicken!

I worked today so it’s a mad dash when I got back, by the time I get home it’s normally 5:20 at least, and Ashleigh gets very hungry round that time, with his squealing “na-na!! din-din!!” (Banana and dinner) in the background, I have this half hour window to preapre a meal for J, Ash and I. I know fish & chips is always the easy option, and I always make sure it’s in the freezer. But really, that’s my last, last resort as I don’t really like it…

So tonight, I made a beef and celery stir fry (that’s one of the few ways I can get over the yucky taste of raw celery…). And steamed chicken with shitake mushrooms.

There had been some failures in my kitchen last night… since J went to the cinema and I was feeling a bit bored, I thought roast chestnuts will go down quite nicely… so I patiently corkscrewed them all (making small holes to prevent them exploding) and put them in the oven. Then I went on the internet to look forh holidays and suddenly “BOOOM”! I swear that was the sound of a shotgun. One of them exploded as I totally forgot about them and left them in for too long! So I had the joy of having to clean the whole oven…. arrrgh.

I’ve also completed the December challenge from “Fresh from the Oven”, which I will be posting pictures soon. I have to say the result was delicious and they’re disappearing quite quickly!

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