Chicken and Celery Stir Fry

Chicken and Celery Stir Fry

Celery – Marmite of the veggie world. I used to hate it, absolutely detest the thought of chewing on the stringy, weird smelling and yuck tasting vegetable. My mum never used to cook it when I was little too, but then I think her cooking evolved a bit after she found out she had high blood pressure. Upon hearing the news that celery helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, this dish seem to make its way to our dinner table on a regular basis. But look at what I cooked tonight:

I still don’t like the taste of raw celery, so you want find me eating raw celery either. But stir frying it makes such a difference, it softens the stringy tissues and still manage to keep a bit of a bite to it, the almost grassy smell subsided and the taste is amalgamated with the meaty chicken taste. And all stir fried with soy sauce and ShaoXing wine… yum! Sometimes I also throw in a red chilli for extra kick and a splash of colour, but we had something hot last night so I spared Ashleigh’s tastebuds tonight.

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